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תקריב של עבודת הדפס שמש

About Cyanotype

Sun printing, professionally known as Cyanotype, is a photographic process dating back to the nineteenth century - the early era of photography. With this technique, images can be created by exposing a light-sensitive surface to the sun's rays. The origin of the name Cyanotype is from the word 'cyan' - a shade of blue that characterizes the technique.
The unpredictability of natural light adds a surprising element to the working process. That's why each print is a one-of-a-kind piece. This technique is perfect for the Israeli climate, blessed with abundance of sunny days.

From Nature to Paper

Botanical Cyanotype prints bring the allure of nature to your home. Through a meticulous handcrafted printing process, the intricate details of each plant are transferred onto the paper, capturing their essence in rich, deep blue hues. I include the names of the plants featured in the artworks, as a way to connect and appreciate the diverse botanical wonders thriving in my region.

Where to Purchase

Order handmade Cyanotype print in the shop or in my Etsy shop
Interested in a custom hand made print? Contact me

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