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תמונת פרופיל של האמנית שקד שמיר


Hello, I'm Shaked, an artist and curator living in Zikhron Ya'akov. I believe in the transformative and positive influence of creation. Nature, with its magical effect on us, holds a similar power. The works I create and the workshops I offer are a blend of my two great passions - art and nature.

My Story

If you've come this far, you must have been as intrigued as I was by the blue beauty called sun print or Cyanotype.

My journey led me to experiment with this technique until I discovered my favorite niche – botanical Cyanotype. Nature is my source of inspiration, and my artistic process starts with collecting various plants.

The botanical treasures I collect are used to create Cyanotype prints, works of art that express the beauty of nature. You can explore my works in my portfolio.

Curious to try it yourself? Join a workshop and immerse yourself in the beauty of botanical sun printing – a unique and captivating technique that yields spectacular results!

עבודת אמנות בטכניקת הדפס שמש
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